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Turmeric is also known as Cucurma Longa, a plant belonging to the ginger family, a native to the South East Asia. It is also known as cucurmin. It’s rhizomes are underground and of oranges yellow colour, whose power is used specially in Indian and Chinese cuisine. Often times it is known as the wonder Spice or a wonderful substitute for curing on many diseases and helping in promoting your immune system and health. Its main usage is known to be blocking cancer, being a very powerful antioxidant, having extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties, beibg a huge relief in pain from osteoarthritis, adding in indigestion and heartburn control, having a huge part in curing the heart disease, having a great impact on diabetes, and the best thing is it can be used raw for using its full potential. Belonging to A category of having a great colour, orangeish yellow and sometimes even bright yellow comma it is also used in colouring food and sometimes in cosmetics as well.

Turmeric is used in many other diseases such as joint pain, stomach pain, crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, Bypass surgery, hemorrhage, diarrhoea, intestinal gas and bloating, loss of appetite, jaundiced, liver problems, h pylori infection, stomach ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, gallbladder disorders, skin inflammation and related diseases, high cholesterol, skin inflammation and related diseases, headache, Bronchitis, cold, lung infections, leprosy, fever, fibromyalgia, menstrual problems, itchy skin, recovery from surgery, depression, Alzheimer’s, swelling in eyes, water retention, worms, autoimmune disease, tuberculosis, urinary bladder infections and diseases, and many other kidney problems. It is also used and applied on skin for pain, ringworm, sprains and swelling, leech bites, blisters and bruising, acne, eye infections, inflammatory skin conditions and muscle conditions, skin source, mouth sores, infected wounds, gum diseases, and many other skin infections. Use these are wonderful ingredient to clear all your problems and we can also give your personalized suggestions in your custom problems to help you deal with a problem naturally and safely.

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