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Turmeric and Yogurt for Stretch Marks

Stretch mark is a cutaneous problem that usually finds your skin when there is continuous stretch on your mild skin. Stretch marks often referred to as striae are a form of scarring on your skin that usually off-color hue. The stretch marks are usually long and thin and it manifests stripes on the skin that…

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Turmeric for Assailing Intestinal Worms

Turmeric is a spice prevalent across the world and is used in industries like pharmaceuticals and even in the manufacturing beauty products. Turmeric is a plant of the ginger family called Zingiberaceae and is native to South East Asia like India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and to name a few South East Asian countries. The turmeric…

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Is turmeric really the best way to lose weight?

Weight loss seems like a dream for a number of people. In other words, one of the most common health hazards of the modern time is obesity or excess fat deposition in the body. A large population of the world has been affected by obesity. The main reasons for the obesity are our current lifestyle…

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Alzheimer Disease

What can using turmeric for Alzheimer do?

Alzheimer is a very common health issue in old-age people. It is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. It is brain disease and the symptoms of Alzheimer usually develop slowly and get worse over time as well as become severe enough to interfere with your daily tasks. Alzheimer is…

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Turmeric for boils

Is Turmeric Effective for Boils treatment?

Most of the time, the management of boils could be enormously challenging even in some cases antibiotics don’t properly work. Fortunately, in most of the cases, we don’t require to utilize antibiotics to combat Boils. A question might be going on in your mind that why we don’t need to use antibiotics for boils treatment?…

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turmeric for acne

Turmeric face mask for a glowing and acne free skin

Turmeric is well-known spice and the most common ingredient in Indian recipes.  Turmeric is also used in many herbal remedies. Can you imagine that turmeric is not only used in cooking but also for curing many health ailments? Yes, turmeric is also used in the treatment of skin issues such as suntan, acne, stretch mark,…

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turmeric in herpes

What Are The Benefits Of Using Turmeric In Herpes?

Today more and more people are easily affected by the viruses such as herpes simplex virus due to poor immune system. There are pharmaceutical drugs available and there are also natural remedies thought to be useful against the condition. Turmeric may be very helpful for the sufferers of herpes simplex virus in various manners. Turmeric…

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healthiest food as a turmeric

Turmeric- The World’s Healthiest Foods

It has been said that turmeric has something for every body part of human being and it is the best choice of every grandmother to treat any kind of infection, wound, cut or burn. Indeed turmeric is a miraculous plant that is full of high level nutrition values. There is very less herb or plant…

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turmeric used as a miraculous spice

Turmeric a Miraculous Spice

Turmeric is basically a south Asian spice and it is native to Asia. This is a family member of ginger family and can give you several of health benefits if consumed on daily basis. Turmeric or turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant. It is primarily used for spice purpose across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh…

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