Turmeric Benefits – 20 Benifits Of Turmeric That You Just Can’t Ignore

Turmeric is surely something than just a spice and this can be seen in the recent researches on cancer treatment and prevention. Yes, turmeric came in news because of it was found to be effective against something like cancer, but, this herb has a lot more to offer. It is used regularly in kitchen in some Asian countries, is a part of the ancient most medicinal; science- ayurveda and so on. You probably would be more interested in knowing the benefits of turmeric rather than going deep into the scientific details. Of course, it is best you get to know what is more relevant and understood. Talking about the benefits of turmeric can be exhaustive as the list would be endless. But, we try to introduce you to 20 most important turmeric benefits. Here is the list in which you will find the uses of the yellow colored spice for almost every part of your body.

1. Turmeric is good for stomach

Digestive-Problems-Treatment-mediumGenerally the patients having any stomach or digestive problem suffer from loss of appetite, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, heartburn or indigestion. If you also have one or more problems mentioned above, there are high chances that you also are suffering from gastritis or something is not right with your digestion. Once you are sure that you have problem in your stomach lining, you can take help of this unbelievably beneficial natural product- turmeric. Regular consumption of turmeric can make your digestion better and help you out with some major problems like appendicitis. The combination of turmeric and ginger would help in reducing the pain and inflammation caused due to appendix pain.

2. Complex diseases like Alzheimer can be resolved with turmeric benefits

P.B. Tirupathi Pichiah.

Several research findings have exposed that consuming turmeric can actually help lessen symptoms and slow down the development of Alzheimer. Once thought rare, according to recent statistics, Alzheimer’s disease is now known to affect more than 4.1 million people of the United States. Many researchers believe that aluminum is the real cause behind the disease, while others state that hereditary factors influence the occurrence of the disease. Whatever is the cause, we can make life easier by regular consumption of turmeric. A name like Alzheimer on the list of benefits of turmeric speaks of its medicinal capabilities.

 3. Cancer and turmeric

TurmericMultiple studies have shown that curcumin can reduce the growth of cancerous cells in the laboratory and inhibit the growth of tumors in test animals. However, there is some evidence that it may help prevent breast cancer from occurring in the first place, especially cancers of the digestive system.


4. Turmeric is effective in inflammatory bowel disease

Curcumin-for-Inflammatory-Bowel-Disease-300x169IBD is also on the list of turmeric benefits. Curcumin present in turmeric may provide an inexpensive, well-tolerated, and effective treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. It is necessary to kick off the unwanted invaders out from your body as and when they try to enter and destroy your health. Luckily turmeric can also do this for us.

 5. Turmeric is one stop solution for various skin problems

turmeric and yogurtTurmeric is one of the most preferred products used by humans for healing purposes since ancient times, and abrasions is definitely on the list of turmeric benefits. You can make a paste thick enough to stick to skin and apply it on the abrasion, acne or eczema affected skin twice daily. If you want even more speedy recovery, mix half tablespoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and drink it daily. It may not taste good but will heal your wounds really fast.

6. Cholera can be treated with turmeric

Caused by bacterium Vibrio cholera, cholera is an infection in the small intestine causing diarrhea and severe dehydration. This directly affects the absorption of water in the small intestine. Although medicines are there to help you out with the problem, but turmeric is a natural product that can actually improve your condition without doing any harm to your body. In many ways it will have only positive effect on your health, body and mind while treating cholera.

7. Bursitis and turmeric

The pain in bursitis is many times acute and unbearable. If by bad luck you have got the problem, you should include some special foods in your diet to prevent calcium deposits around your joints. Other than this you should also watch out for a pain reliever and immunity enhancer like turmeric. Turmeric benefits might have given you an idea about the natural product, but in case you want to test the power of the healer, just use it against bursitis.

8. Combat allergies with turmeric

How-to-use-Turmeric-for-AllergiesThe expensiveness of drugs and effectiveness of natural products in treating allergies lead us to the use of turmeric. Some allergies are severe and require the attention of a doctor or other health care professional, while almost all of them can be dealt at home itself with benefits of turmeric.

9. Turmeric and sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia are known to bother mankind since hundreds of years, but now we know some people are more prone to these. Chlamydia has almost 1 million cases in the United States alone; imagine what would be the figure for the entire world. And this is just one sexually transmitted problem, there are many more ruining the lives of people. But, one good thing is that turmeric benefits can be utilized against these too.

10. Turmeric is good for brain

170816-131-2ACECB22Turmeric is not only great from preventing us from infections; it is also all your brain needs. All of us are very well aware of all the health benefits of turmeric but this one is rarely known. By taking turmeric, you can improve the oxygen intake of the brain, which helps in all of the brain’s functions and processes. Turmeric is extremely beneficial for the brain and people take the benefits of turmeric for increasing memory function.

11. Turmeric acts as decongestant

You may have the problem of cough and runny nose along with congestion in the nose and head. Some patients have also reported their eyes turning red, watery and itchy. Congestion in the nasal passage and even chest due to cold and severe cough often leads to head congestion as well, and turmeric is something that can help you get rid of these. Turmeric acts as decongestant and this extends the list of benefits of turmeric. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric pull out the excess mucus, which ultimately provides relief.

12. Turmeric for a healthy heart

shutterstock_556072003-1160x650The consequences of heart problems are dreadful enough for us to start taking good care of our health and heart. Here also turmeric benefits are of great use due to its never ending healing properties. You can ignore things easily, and also can go for any treatment with minor issues, but when it comes to our heart, you have to be extra careful. And when there is no chance of compromise, just go on with natural healers like turmeric.

13. Turmeric is a natural solution for Cirrhosis

According to preliminary experimental research at the Medical University Graz in Austria, turmeric seems to delay liver damage that can eventually lead to cirrhosis. Turmeric benefits also include a long list for an unhealthy liver.

14. It will reduce all the adversities during menopause

Even the doctors cannot do much to relieve you from this. But some simple home remedies can really do the magic, and turmeric is one of them. Drinking a glass of milk mixed with turmeric will suppress all the symptoms related to menopause. Can you see how deep the turmeric benefits are reaching in giving us a healthy life?

15. Eczema and turmeric

Turmeric-for-eczemaThis ailment has a tendency to affect the body parts which bend, like elbow, knee etc. Eczema is although characterized by rash but the appearance of this rash may differ from one person to other. Only one thing is common for all, and that is the effectiveness of turmeric in dealing with this irritating skin issue.

16. Turmeric for Angina

For controlling the pain of angina, you need a holistic cure that do not work for angina alone but also works on treating other health ailments as well that may in future retrigger the chest pain. This type of cure is offered only and only by turmeric. Angina surely is one of the most important benefits of turmeric.

17. Diabetics can seek help in turmeric

The type “1” and type- “2” diabetes is believed to be the leading cause of liver damage. Turmeric can also control diabetes to certain extent. It is in a way killing the root cause rather than masking the symptoms like many antibiotics available in the market today.

18. Arthritis and other pain can be relieved with turmeric

5-proven-health-benefits-of-turmericTurmeric has a component named curcumin that is said to reduce arthritis pain. It has got excellent anti-inflammatory properties also that enhance the healing process inside the body. Look for minor swelling and redness around the joints once you notice this pain. Try to move your body parts and if you find it difficult, surely it is arthritis. Many opt for mainstream medicines, while all others treat their condition by staying a bit physically active and increasing the consumption of turmeric.

19. You can boost your immunity with numerous turmeric benefits

The list of benefits of turmeric would be incomplete without mentioning this. Turmeric has been shown repeatedly to be a big boost to the immune system, which results in better overall health and well being, and less likelihood of getting sick or coming down with a disease.

20. Use turmeric for healthy eyes

maxresdefault (1)Just like carrot and some other fruits turmeric is an herb that can be a gift to your eyes and maintain a healthy vision for years. If you have a problem of eye sight or any other eye problem for a long time, go ahead and introduce turmeric in your life.



This was the list of 20 benefits of turmeric that you just can’t ignore. To your surprise, let me tell you that the list isn’t comprehensive and there are many more turmeric benefits that aren’t included. But these reasons are more than enough to convince yourself to start using turmeric right now. What are you waiting for now? Don’t you want a healthier life and a better health? Aren’t you scared of the deadly cancer and diabetes? If you are, then turmeric is exactly what you need.

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