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What Are The Benefits Of Using Turmeric In Herpes?

Today more and more people are easily affected by the viruses such as herpes simplex virus due to poor immune system. Herpes-InfectionThere are pharmaceutical drugs available and there are also natural remedies thought to be useful against the condition. Turmeric may be very helpful for the sufferers of herpes simplex virus in various manners. Turmeric is an ancient spice that is thought to offer multifarious health benefits. The Latin name for turmeric is “Curcuma longa” which comes from the Arabic name for the plant “Kurkum” and in Sanskrit is called “Haridra”,”Kanchani”,“Gauri” and “Aushadhi”. It is sometimes also referred as “Indian saffron”. Turmeric is certainly no magic but it is indeed magical. The most important chemical components of turmeric are a group of compounds called curcuminoids which include curcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin, and demethoxy curcumin. Turmeric contains health benefiting essential oils such as termerone, curlone, curumene, cineole, and p-cymene. Some general constituents are sugars, proteins and resins. Turmeric is the most effective nutritional constituent solely based on its unparalleled benefits for body and brain. When turmeric is consumed every day, it detoxifies and cleanses blood and other bodily organs. It has been used for thousands of years in helping to fight a range of medical conditions. Turmeric is an odoriferous, yellow powder slightly bitter in taste. It is obtained by boiling, drying and crushing the roots and rhizomes of the perennial Curcuma longa plant which is the native of southern Asia. A phenolic chemical known as curcumin that is found in turmeric possesses essential anti- inflammatory activity. There are lots of benefits of using turmeric in herpes, some are given below:turmeric boost your energy

  • Turmeric possesses innumerable medicinal values, antioxidants, potent pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that truly work and cure herpes simplex virus. Mix one teaspoon 0f turmeric powder into a glass of hot milk and drink this twice a day.
  • Turmeric flourishes in curcumin which is a phenolic compound and which inhibits the activity of the herpes simplex 2 and impede it.
  • Turmeric’s properties can be helpful for dealing with herpes. There have been no distant trials in relation turmeric’s effect on herpes.
  • Herpes infection is predominantly due to inflammation. For example when herpes affects the eye and causes what is called stromal keratitis, an intense inflammatory response comes out. Turmeric helps in reducing the inflammation occurring in herpes. It reduces the production of inflammatory chemicals; promote the production of anti-inflammatory molecules.


  • Turmeric can also heal blisters which are caused by herpes. It put on a spurt natural wound healing process by lowering inflammation and oxidation. It is also helpful in treating sores that is caused by herpes infection.
  • Turmeric can boost up the immunity and it is a natural palliative. The infections with HPV causes severe body ache and muscle pain. Its anodyne and painkiller properties are useful in it.
  • It resists body ache and neuropathic pain occurring in herpes infection by serving as an anti-inflammatory and also works as a neuroprotective agent. Its neuroprotective properties can protect brain cells from herpes virus.
  • Turmeric is available in many forms like edible spice, fluid extract, tincture and pharmaceutical products such as capsule containing powder.
  • It is one of the greatest, beneficial medicinal plants in the entire world and it is also one of the most researched medicinal plants.
  • It works as natural anti-viral, which helps the patient’s body to fight against the virus and prevent it from entering into the healthy cells.
  • If you want to control the herpes virus which is into the body, you can follow an easy recipe for it, take ½ teaspoon of turmeric, ½ teaspoon of raw honey or other sweetener, 8 ounces of organic almond or coconut milk and ½-inch wide round slice of ginger root, peeled and finally chopped dash of cayenne pepper and make proper paste of it. It is helpful in controlling the herpes virus before it spreads all over the body.
  • The paste of curd and turmeric is also very beneficial in treating herpes. You can apply this paste in the affected area gently.
  • Sunflower with turmeric: even this mixture has good effect in herpes.


  • Turmeric protects our immune system and has therapeutic benefits. Its antioxidant properties can protect our bodies against damage by free radicals.
  • It can reduce histamine levels and improve natural cortisone production.
  • Curcumin is a bioactive substance of turmeric. Curcumin has antiviral effects against HSV-1 and HCMV. The curcumin concentrations of 0.32 mg/ml reduced HSV-2 activity by 50%. It prevented virus from killing the infected cells. Turmeric showed even more protection and cure against herpes than curcumin.
  • Turmeric helps to minimize the HSV-1 infection and can slow down the burgeoning of HSV-1 virus. It is able to slow down the herpes infection and even prevent them.
  • At the initial stage of herpes treatment it should be taken 3-5 grams and then slowly increase the amount if no side effects occurs.

But everything has some side effects also taking turmeric in large quantity against herpes can lead to gastritis and indigestion. Turmeric also can lower down the blood sugar level. Turmeric should not be taken with antacids and anticoagulants.

Turmeric is beneficial not only for herpes but also effective in treating some of the most intense ailments including sexually transmitted diseases, heartburn, stomach pain, intestinal gas, gallbladder disorders, scabies, eye infection, amenorrhea, food poisoning, kidney inflammation, stomach ulcers and many more. It can also be used as mosquito repellant and wound healer for pain. Turmeric also helps in balancing the female reproductive system. There are lots of benefits of turmeric which are helpful in treatment of different kind of diseases.

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